K’NEX Titanfall toys drop-in at London Toy Fair

Coming this March, Titanfall is a new first person shooter series  in which players can fight as jetpack wearing foot-soliders, or from inside giant mecha-style machines called ‘Titans’.

Construction toy company K’NEX has been revealed as an official partner for the game, and unveiled some seriously cool licensed products at this year’s London Toy Fair.

Titans are giant robot suits piloted by a person within, much like the mechs found in the animated series Gundam, or 2013’s ‘Pacific Rim’. They also drop from the sky – hence ‘Titanfall’.

So Titanfall is a great fit for a construction toy range as the soliders are naturally immortalised as minifigures, with the Titans utilising the K’NEX construction technology to make a great series of buildable bots.

The K’NEX Titanfall toy range will include “popular characters such as Pilots, multiple Titans, Spectres and other key themes from the video game.”

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Titanfall is coming out on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC this March

The toys are billed as being suitable for kids aged eight and upwards and we think they will certainly appeal to the bigger kids in that bracket.

Paul Fogarty, Managing Director of K’NEX UK says: “We’re delighted that the Titanfall Building Sets will be joining our collection, and that we are able to reveal a glimpse of them here at the London Toy Fair. The game pre-launch buzz is already generating a huge following and fans of all ages will be able to build the Titanfall Frontier in their own homes.

“As always our strong licensed portfolio continues to combine the open-ended creativity of K’NEX with the characters that children love,” he added.

Titalfall looks set to be a big hit as it is the first release from Respawn Entertainment – a new video game developer headed up by the co-creators of the phenomenally popular Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The K’EX Titanfall toys will be available to buy this Autumn.

Titanfall trailer

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