Katy Perry has a new pet

glROARious T-Rex rex No we haven’t gone and turned into a celebrity gossip site, if we did through it would be to break news of much more petty affairs than the headline here might suggest, like a snap of a future monarchs flipping the bird behind someones back, anyway, back to business. This new T-Rex from Brainstorm toys has digested 18¬†other dinosaurs and, by some magical technological wizardry can now beam images of them onto your wall (24 images in total, some posed for multiple shots before their demise). When T-Rex isn’t illuminating your room with prehistoric pictures he (or she) will stand by your door and emit a ROAR when it detects movement, and that ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls is the Katy Perry reference which you’ve been waiting for, yes, ROAR (you with no clue this way please). Inside the T-Rex are five mighty ROARS, each one not sounding anything like Katy Perry but akin to a ferocious 40 inch dinosaur *trembles* – Want one? Course you do, these people will sell you one, maybe.

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