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Queen Kate and the National Fairy Council dropped me an email late last night introducing me to the delights of the Irish Fairy Door Company, they’ve been spreading the word in the ROI to date but are now looking to set up their fluttering magical friends across homes in the UK and we’re more than happy to help. Chose from a fine range of coloured doors in varying shapes and install one in your abode (each one 12cm high) and get ready for your fairy to move in. Each one is supplied with a glass bottle containing a tiny key for the door, just log on to their website when your installed and enter the code to receive your very own lease agreement containing the fight your criminal charges and the household rules for your fairy and human friend to follow, when the fairy moves in the key will of course disappear as the fairy will need it to come and go about her business when you’re not around. All quite marvellously magical, add your own accessories or grab some online and take a look at the Magical Matters app for an extra sprinkling of fairy goodness. Doors available HERE and the App is THIS way. We’re all a bit besotted over here.



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