Ice Cream Van sets new Ice Cream Van World record

The man Edd China is likely best known for those who watch too much Discovery in the mid-morning. He was the mechanic on Wheeler Dealers with Mike Brewer and basically did all the graft on updating the busted cars brought into his garage by co-presenter (and slacker) Brewer. Anyways, since leaving the series he has become a serial Guinness record breaker in the automotive sector. Today the fat book of record breaking feats announced he has created the unthinkable, the totally pointless but unbelievably brilliant record breaking Worlds fastest Ice Cream van. The fastest electric ice cream van in fact which reached a top speed of 118.964 km/h (73.921 mph).

All this exciting news gives us the perfect excuse to showcase some Ice Cream based playthings, here we go :

Playmobil Ice Truck
Playmobil Ice Cart
LEGO City Ice Cream delivery system
Oops Scoops – The Ice Cream stacking game
Oh My Gif! Ockie the Ice Cream (but they’re blind bags so you’ll have to wing it to find this one)
Wooden Lollipops from John Lewis – Good enough to eat, very bad for your teeth.
Ice Cream Social – Card stacking play for the smaller folks

For all the facts and figures on this attempt including a timeline of the build from everyday Mercedes Sprint to record breaking ride click HERE





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