Hot Wheels takes to the slot based tracks

Hot Wheels takes to the slot based tracks

Hot Wheels as a slot car set? Yes please!

Allowing gravity to do its bidding with your Hot Wheels cars is fun,whether that be across a flat expanse aided along with some of your own muscle power, down an incline of your own finding or on one of the many track configurations made by Mattel. We’ve seen the iconic cars evolve into A.I. driven sets  and developed into an almost adequate line of remote control vehicles but now we’ve been reminded of this find from earlier in the year are squirrelling our change away in anticipation of its arrival. Its looking like a September arrival and we’ve no price details but an educated guess, with some finger in the air speculative effort too, we’d reckon about £130. We very much hope the option of extra track to expand your set will be made available,  imagine a long section with multiple loop-the-loops? We’ll leave you with that thought.

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