Hot Wheels gets into the NFT garage

From November 16 Hot Wheels NFT Garage as it gears up to release 40 new NFT Hot Wheels designs. First time around they dipped into the NFT market with just three models which sold for between £4,000 and £12,000 (Boneshaker, Deora II and Twinmill) with pretty low bidder numbers, less than ten in fact. This time they,re working with WAX (The Worldwide Asset eXchange) – a certified carbon neutral NFT blockchain — to provide a safe way to create, buy, sell and trade these Hot Wheels collectables.

This Series 1 collection will have unique designs ranging across four tiers: Base, Rare, Premium and NFTH (Treasure Hunt). Collectors that receive rare and NFTH (Treasure Hunt) cards will be also able to redeem a physical special edition die-cast vehicle. So, if you fancy collecting artwork from Hot Wheels designed by the team that create this miniature motors prices start at US$15. Getting one at that price is as likely as making a cat laugh, finding hens teeth or the PM going on holiday during a crisis. Wait!

You’ll need a WAX Cloud Wallet at to prepare yourself to join the growing throngs of NiFTies.







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