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Hot Wheels Drone Racerz – Three ways to play      

Drone Racerz
Drone Racerz


Since eyeing this new innovation from Bladez Toys earlier this year we’ve been eager to get our hands on a starter set, well worth the wait. Inside is a Hot Wheels track compatible car, mini drone and these can be put together to create a win-propelled racing machine. The pack comes complete with cardboard ramps and a performance hoop to skill you way through using the remote control, trickier than it looks, deeply satisfying when it does.

Drone Racerz
Drone Racerz

You can put your hybrid machine on Hot wheels tracks and test your skills even further, when it’s time to put stuff away, remove the drone unit from the wheeled chassis and go fly. The ability of the drone is pretty good, fully gyro stabilised, able to do mid-air single button flips and a bunch of other manoeuvres – ten minutes flying time too. This set has been overlooked amongst plenty of other plastic tat that’ll be padding out the Christmas pile this year but this set, at £34.99 will get far more use than much of it – Out now

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