Hornby have smaller homeowners in their sights

Not ones to usually get excited with model rail news, we’ve been known to be a tad skittish in the past and, when we visit Nuremberg’s epic toy fair marvel and make mischief of the epic offerings to the amount of stuff on offer. From dedicated makers of signalling systems around the world to people who just make different trees and foliage for peoples home train set builds we always found it a little flabbergasting. Today though, Hornby, UK brand leader, announced they’re launching smaller trains to suit modern homes – The Hornby TT:120 has arrived! For the first time in over 50 years the UK world of model railways wakes up to a completely new product range. Scaled to 1:120 and known as tabletop railways or ‘TT’, this new scale and brand, Hornby TT:120 is smaller than the more traditional and familiar ‘00’ models but still easily handled by young and old.  Now you can host a decent setup and not be banished to the garage but have it on a smaller baseboard and stick it under your bed. This complete model railway system consists of trains sets, locomotives, carriages, wagons, buildings and accessories (and you’ll be able to add your own touches with toys already in the cupboard).


Hornby TT – model prototypes examined - World Of Railways

‘We have been developing Hornby TT:120 for several years’, explains Simon Kohler, Marketing & Product Development Director, ‘and it represents a substantial investment. Hornby TT:120 provides many solutions for those who really want to create a model railway but have little or no space for the larger ‘00’ size. The hobby is enjoying fresh interest since the Covid lockdown days and there really is no other creative pastime that can provide so much enjoyment, while learning about social history, logistics, physics, architecture, topography – well the list just goes on.’

While the Hornby warehouse is already bursting with the new scale track, the sets will start to arrive just before Christmas. Hornby is also breaking their traditional form of distribution. With Hornby TT:120, the Margate based company will be selling and distributing via their own dedicated online service. Hornby will also be encouraging customers to join the Hornby TT:120 Club where members will enjoy certain benefits one of which being an automatic 15% discount off all purchases. ‘Such a marketing approach will allow us to talk directly with the end user’, explains Simon, ‘so as the system grows we can accurately tailor the product development to their requirements. Exciting times.’

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