Honey we shrunk the foot-to-floor – Cozy Coupe gets miniaturised

An old cathedral – But where?

There are a few rights of passage as a parent, teaching cycle riding, turning splashing into some form of swimming, that first LEGO set or Jigsaw, a fairground ride and/or arcade experience and ending up with 1,00’s of tickets (usually enough for a Chupa Chups and, building a Cozy Coupe. Hundreds of thousands have been sold around the world, the car once described as a cross between a VW Beetle and Fred Flintstone’s ride, has had its new owners uttering expletives since 1979. A simple enough structure to admire upon completion , for the uninitiated you might think it’s just click, click, push, click, push a few times and Hey Presto your small person is ready to go. NO! This not the case. Forget flatpack furniture, that’s child’s play by comparison, you will, without doubt be staring at those instruction pages for many many minutes and, returning to the same page, over and over again – Is it worth it? Yes. Would I do it again? No, but I’ll be grabbing this trio of shrunken versions of their three bestsellers. Seven quid at The Entertainer the folk at Little Tikes want us to a) buy them b) take pictures of them in iconic locations leading to c) Winning prizes for locations of note. Nothing saying you can’t use the bigger version, nice meander down the Mall, up at the top of the hill by the Angel of the North, Champs Elysees perhaps – #letsgocozycoupeontour

Some water, sea defences and a red thing – Where is it?
Me, me, me – I know this one!


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