Hasbro mixing and mashing gaming titles

The Ectotron

Over at Hasbro HQ they’ve been quietly rolling out their new sub-category in their gaming portfolio and it’s called Game Mashups. They’ve mashed up before and have a range called Mashems but they be in the figures/action toy category, this is a new and splendid idea in theory. We’ve seen people mash-up games at random whilst attending various board game gatherings, one particular memory was when Pictionary met Cards Against Humanity.

So, first out of the blocks for the Rhode Island outfit are Jenga with a Monopoly twist. Players pull out and stack the blocks based on Monopoly properties, spaces and places. Collect properties, property sets and railroad blocks before the tower crashes, pick the Go to Jail block and lose a turn.

The other is Guess Who? With a Cluedo element. Players try to guess the suspect, murder weapon and scene of the crime by asking yes or no questions about their opponent’s cards in the grid and uncover the mystery by process of elimination.

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