Hasbro Aims For Monopoly – Irony Not Lost On Reporter

My my my, Hasbro has been a little busy recently. 3 articles in just as many days, people will start to think we have a crush on them. Even if that is true, it’s not our fault that the Behemoth,  Hasbro has gone and made headlines again! This time by dropping an estimated $4 Billion to buy Entertainment One and all of it’s related properties.

Yesterday we reported on Hasbro’s acquisition of the Ghostbusters’ Master Licence so the team behind Monopoly are clearly flexing their property buying expertise. The impact of such a massive buy-out is anyone’s guess but the licences involved are no joke. With current toy industry titans such as Peppa Pig and PJ Masks under the same wing as Transformers and My Little Pony, Hasbro now owns a mighty chunk of the market.

This was no hostile takeover though, Executives at eOne are thrilled with the future integration. Darren Throop, CEO had this to say:

“Along with our leadership team, I look forward to working with Hasbro on our joint growth and success for many years to come [ ] Hasbro’s portfolio of integrated toy, game and consumer products will further fuel the tremendous success we’ve achieved at eOne,”

The deal was unanimously approved by both company’s boards of directors and it is expected to finalise by the end of this year. So, keep an eye out for a transforming Peppa or a PJ Mask/ Power Ranger team up!

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