Hairband based hilarity is here

We’ve played our fair share of fast paced, quick and frantic grabby style games these past few months, never ceasing to wonder what “they” will com up with next. Dobble was an incredible success last year and with minimal TV advertising shifted over 375,ooo units, The Sock Game (one of pour utter favourites at Toy Fair earlier this year) went from a game sold on a local market and the socks made by their mum to signing a global marketing deal – Appetite for grabby is growing, those are just the tip of an interesting iceberg. We managed to grab a copy of this Ringlding game from Amigo, a box full of different coloured hair bands, a bell that looks like a Bakewell tart and a stack of action cards. Pile up the bands on a table, 2-6 people play, turn the top card over and you must get the right coloured bands in the right positions on the correct hand and then Ring that DING to win. It’s brilliant, there are a few left HERE

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