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Go absolutely bananas….


We were lucky enough to be on-hand to witness the first ever Bananagrams challenge over the weekend, 12 finalists gathered at the Magic Circle HQ to battle it out between each other for the crown of top banana, the tension was immense. From 15,000 school kids across the UK word-genius Louis Webber was crowned winner. If you’re ever challenged by this chap to play the seriously addictive word game beware, this chap is seriously fast and, his word grid creations are also exceptionally neat and tidy putting most opposition to shame on two fronts. You should seriously be looking to get your local school involved next year via their website – Spelling Bee is dead, long live the Bananagrams Challenge  6.5 million sets sold and players include the cast of ITV’s Downton Abbey, Dame Judi Dench, Scarlett Johansson, Caroline Flack and Matt Edmondson. Now peel yourself away from this page and go get some.

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