Get them before midnight or they’ll turn into Pumpkins – Its Fairy Tale toy time

Who does not love a Fairy Tale? Such a story defined as one with some magic, wonder and far-fetched-ness – Most contain one or more characters including talking animals , dwarfs, dragons, elves, fairies, giants, gnomes, goblins, griffins, mermaids, trolls, unicorns, or witches – and a dash magic or enchantments. As we grow older I think we subconsciously remember some of their messaging in a light-hearted way. Not going to delve too far but plenty of these “Happy ever Afters” were inspired by darker real life events and don’t get us started on the many variants of the Cinderella story – Here’s some toys, Fairy Tale ones at that  :

Sleeping Beauty game – £24.99

LEGO Pop-Up Book – £49.99

LEGO Pop-Up Book

Snow White game – £21.95

Snow White game from Smart Games

Disney Monopoly – £25

Disney Monopoly

Princess dolls collection – £72.00

Disney Princess Dolls

Three Little Pigs – £19.20

Three Little Pigs game

Lumiere Light – £24.99

Lumiere Light – Doesn’t talk, sing or walk sadly

LEGO Cinderella Castle – £64.99

LEGO Cinderella Castle – almost half price here

Playmobil XXL Princess – £49.99

Playmobil XXL Princess – Could be used as a cup holder?


Grab a Tonie Box, the story telling system that’ll have you lighter of £79.95 but in awe of its value. The starter set comes with a character to pop on top and tell you a few tales but there are plenty more characters to collect too for about £15. The Tonie box also has a Creative-Tonie angle where grown-ups record a story or message on a specific app and when the character linked to the app is placed on the story box as if by magic their story/ message will be audible – or you could record your own stories with your children and then listen to them.




Dad bad joke corner :

What do you call a fear of giants?


What did Cinderella say when the Chemist lost her photographs?

Someday my prints will come !

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