Game of the Year aka Spiel des Jahres


Every year, since 1979, a crack team of judges bunker down in a room for a few days and shape a shortlist of the best games, they then debate the overall winner and the prestigious title is awarded of “Spiel des Jahres”. The way the boardgame scene has shifted up a gear or two the past few years the judging can be no mean feat, previous winners of the main prize reads like a menu of the titles that stack the shelves at Toyology Towers. From Carcassone to Qwirkle, Camel Up to Colt Express the 2016 joins a prestigious line-up and Codenames is this years title taker. Play as two teams, each with a rival Spymaster who offers clues of one word only to try and guess cards of the right colour, avoiding the assassin along the way. It is a superb play, easy to pick up and quite fun to figure the relevance of the one word to whats on the table. Two other awards have also been given, Kinderspiel des Jahres (kids game of the year) went to Stone Age Junior and Kennerspiel des Jahres (Kenner meaning expert) for more complex game has been bagged by Isle of Skye.

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