Flying micro helicopters assemble to break world record

Saturday 18th of January, 2014, will forever be remembered as the day on which 32 (count them) micro helicopters took to the skies to triumphantly break a world record.

That world record my friends, was the world record for the ‘most micro model helicopters simultaneously’.

The old record previously stood at 31, until pilots from the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) went one better.

The pilots flew their own model micro helicopters and had to maintain a steady hover over a fixed point for a minimum of three minutes to bag the world record.

“The attempt went very smoothly and members flew a mixture of helicopters and multicopters to achieve the record,” said Manny Williamson, Development Officer for the BMFA.

“The pilots who took part are already talking about an attempt to increase the record to over 40 models at next year’s show, developments in modern radio control have made it possible to fly so many models at the same time and the small size and light weight makes them perfect to fly indoors.”

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