Flippin’ brilliant – the pancake posse of playthings is here

Pancake day today, plenty of facts and figures about, our favourite is that it is called Carnivale in Italy and is Latin for “Goodbye to the flesh” – Others are all about the number of eggs getting cracked across the UK and the world’s fastest pancake race – We care not. We have however found some flipping great toys which all perform said action – You’re welcome:

The TMNT Crew

Teenage Mutant Turtle figures £10.99

Get your Ninjitsu on with a Raph, Leo, Donnie or Mikey – These TMNT Deluxe Turtle figures each come with a unique deluxe ninja flipping attack action and sound effects/phrases from the TV Show. Standing 15cm tall press them on the back and it’ll go back, side or forward, and, when it lands unleash a classic TMNT phrase.

Classic Canine flip action

Flipping Puppy  £12.99

Everybody loves a Flipping Puppy. Yes you too. An age old classic, yaps a bit, moves forward a bit and then, as the anticipation aches the pup will perform a flip well above its price range, if you don’t grin we’ll give your your money back. (terms and conditions apply)

Stunt RC

Flipping Car £19.99

Equipped for off-road racing this stunt RC car has all the moves you’d expect plus extreme 360 degree tumbling spin action and can flip on both sides.

Air Hogs Extreme airboard

Air Hogs Air Board – £30

Two ways to fly this bad boy from stunt boarder to paraglider. Catch big air as a paraglider and perform five high-flying tricks like a 720 degree spiral, or carve through the skies as a stunt boarder, or five extra stunts such as the extreme 360 degree barrel roll and yes, here it is, a backside FLIP!

Rubiks Flip

Rubiks Flip – £13.99

“Flip it, block it, win it” – That’s what they say on the pack. Every tile in the game is two-sided you flip your opponent’s tile to another colour, then put yours in down, first to match three in a row is the victor.

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