Flight Time


Hoping to build on the massive success of the Cars franchise the new Disney film Planes has hit the big screen, reviews so far are pretty mixed with critics not overly impressed (expecting too much we think) and parents/kids on the social mediasphere giving it the thumbs up. The merchandise machine at Disney has pumped out a decent range of toys for fans of the film to recreate scenes and role play back at home but one stand-out product for us is this tilt and fly Dusty (the crop spraying character). Stick the mini wings in your hands and as you mimic the wings movements Dusty will follow, albeit only on the floor, but it is totally satisfying to walk around a room doing plane noises and have this remote control follow your command. It isn’t the only trick in his cockpit, he’ll call out flying commands that you can perform together, has three pre-programmed moves you can activate with the press of a button on top of the plane and he speaks more than 40 sounds and phrases from the film. We think this one will really take-off, certainly more so than our sub-standard puns. £39.99 HERE

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