Fish based card play anyone?

Last seen in a salmon shaped carry pack which didn’t sit very well on retailer shelves and probably cost a fair few quid to make Happy Salmon has had a makeover. The game is now owned by the wonderfully weird people at Exploding Kittens and has that kind of twist in this updated version.


Voted one of the best games of the year by The Toy Insider, Happy Salmon is a 90-second play that’s loud, quick, and physical. Each player gets 12 cards and, once the game starts, players flip their decks over so that only one card is visible. All players shout and look for a partner calling for one of the matching actions – a fist bump, high five, switch it up, or the Happy Salmon (which is done by two players lightly slapping each other’s forearm at the same time). Players with a match perform that action together to discard that card, yeah, chuck it to the floor, the first player to get rid of all 12 cards wins.

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