Fast and daft fish based fun – one of the best party games we’ve played

Fast and daft fish based fun – one of the best party games we’ve played

If you're looking for party games then may we suggest this Salmon slappy happy play?
Happy Salmon – Looking for party games then look no further

This super simple and superbly silly play is one of the best party games we’ve played – this extraordinary fun play all packs away into a salmon based zip-up carry-case – What is not to like? Divvy up all the cards between 3-6 players, each one contains one of four actions “High 5”, “Pound It” (fist-pump), switch places with another player under the call of “Switcheroo” and of course the “Happy Salmon” – two players, forearms side-to-side flapping them frantically like a salmon attempting an up-stream manoeuvere. Every time you match a card and make your gesture with another player you discard that card and continue – get shut of all your cards first, you’re a winner. Best thirteen quid you’ll spend this week.


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