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Battle for Britain Escape Room

Escape Plan – Battle of Britain – London Escape Room – Escape Plan

Escape Plan are spread across two London venues and all their rooms are WW2 themed. An unusual trait for escape venues, who normally utilise a variety of themes to attract the widest audience they can. However the theme works particularly well here as the owner leans on his family history to flesh out the storylines. For this room it was their South London venue and a very to the point goal – literally plan the Battle of Britain and send the Luftwaffe running scared.

The first thing you find out when entering this room is that there is no ‘escape’ time limit – it’s all about how many planes you get in the sky within the hour (that’s when the battle starts!) which really takes the pressure off. It’s really well themed and there are a plethora of lovely unique wooden puzzles which really fit into the WW2 style/era and make use of magnets, levers and hidden tech to bring the room to life.

As a room it has a LOT to do, and there are a mix of easy and hard things to solve across the room meaning you can choose to divide and conquer or all work together. A lot of rooms have a quirk in their puzzles, so once you solve one the others are a bit easier, but there were numerous different styles of puzzle in this room, which would be great for a team of people who all think slightly differently. Everything links to a giant puzzle which also reveals itself as an amazing end game experience which had my team shouting and cheering and really gave a great buzz to end the game.

With so much to do, so many contrasting puzzle styles and a complete non linear style, escape room newbies may struggle with the room. Also, whilst the end game was amazing for my team because we did so well, if you have struggled with a room and then you have to watch your failure play out in a giant theatrical event I am not sure how you would feel.

Battle of Britain is a wonderful room and, I would argue, a must-do even in a city crowded with escape rooms. It has clever puzzles and a brilliant ending. I would also highly recommend any enthusiast looking to get their non-escapers into the craze to use this room to do so.

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Hi, my name is Danny I am a game designer and puzzle enthusiast living in London who can often can be found drawing stickmen, playing board games or thinking about burgers. Growing up with two brothers gave me an over competitive nature which comes in really handy for my main hobby - doing escape rooms. I've done these across the world, winning competitions and setting numerous records along as the way as well as maintaining a 100% record of escaping. My favourite games and puzzles often include numbers or abstract colours and patterns and I recently learnt how to escape a straight jacket (which came in handy surprisingly quickly)

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