Epic sounds assemble – its a Marvel(ous) sound machine


Inside this battery operated box of tricks are eight splendid sound-bites from the Marvel, get one, put it in your pocket, annoy and entertain yourself and others in equal amount, the utterances from inside are :

  • Hulk’s “HULK SMASH!”
  • Iron Man’s suit launch
  • Captain America’s Shield Toss
  • Spider Man’s web shooters
  • Falcon’s wing darts
  • Groot’s “I am Groot”
  • Hawkeye’s arrow shot
  • Thor’s Hammer Blow
  • It’s just £12.99 from FIREBOX – you’ll be buying one just about now….

About Peter Jenkinson

Toyologist Pete Jenkinson regularly writes about toys in national newspapers like The Sun and The Mail. This super-dad has an unmatched passion and dedication for trying and testing the latest, coolest and most interesting offerings from the world of toys.

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