Easter egg alternatives

So, way back when, holy leaders wouldn’t allow eggs to be eaten (the real kind) in the run up to Easter. These were kept and decorated and given as gifts over the four day celebrations and that’s where it began. The chocolate variety started being made in Germany in the 19th century, and now the supermarket shelves creak under the vast variety on offer. The legend of the Easter bunny originates at about the same time too but in Switzerland eggs are delivered by a cuckoo and, in Germany, it’s a fox. So, without further ado allow to offer up some of the non-chocolate based treats that’ll be far kinder on your teeth (we’re not advocating non chocolate egg purchases, just think that one or two is more than enough egg-age).

Pomsie Poo

Pomsie Poos bunny


Blossom Bunny

Blossom Bunnies

Rubik Bunny

Rubik’s Junior Bunny

Zuru Dino Smashers

Dino egg smashers

Playmobil – Fortune teller egg

Playmobil Eggs

Rainbocorn – Sequin plush surprise


Haba – Dancing Eggs game

Dancing Eggs Game

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