Dunder Mifflin merch anyone?

Fans of the Office rejoice. No need to celebrate your (likely) favourite comedy import from over the pond with a poxy T-Shirt or questionable construction set, oh no, thank the Firebox for this Jello stapler. Yes, in a recreation of one of the best office pranks we know (plastering someones desk with post-its is too time consuming) the stapler set in jelly is a classic(also time consuming but far funnier). This one however is better than just a visual offering for your desk but contains sixteen sweet catchphrases from the show, “Yes that’s what she said” is indeed amongst the repertoire as well as a mini book of trivia, quotes and pics from the offices of Dunder Mifflin. Note – It doesn’t staple or taste any good. This to the purveyors of what you did not know you wanted FIREBOX


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