Drone racing now available to the masses

Anyone following the last decade’s rise of flying toys has probably crashed and smashed their share of them. But fear not.  This year Air Hogs have teamed up with the DR1 Drone Racing League (a sport attracting major TV partnership and sponsorships) to bring us this DR1 FPV Race Drone, I think you’re going to like it – a lot.

At £99.99 this 9cm long ‘Quad-Copter’ has a 250ft range and packs in lots of tech.  The First Person View (FPV) is achieved by slotting your smart phone into the universal headset and connecting through WiFi to the drone’s camera.  With a quick download of the free app you’ll be whizzing through your kitchen in no time.  The footage is even recorded straight to your device to be edited and shared via the app.

The most impressive part  is how easy the DR1 FPV is to fly. Built-in gyroscopes and pressure sensitive feet give  this drone ‘one touch take off and landing’ bound to get even the clumsiest of pilots soaring straight out of the box.  This, combined with its ducted propellers, means hours of flying and I’ve still not broken mine, a modern miracle.

The upcoming Nikko/ DRL FPV drone partnership (A different Drone Racing League to DR1, keep up!) suggests ‘birds eye’ flying is here to stay and if Air Hogs’ first offering is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat.

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