Do not adjust your set – We have a doll here with a difference

Elli makes us smile
We’ve gone a bit soft here at Toyology Towers, we were introduced to Elli a few weeks back and, well she most certainly stands out from the overcrowded crowd. We imagine that Elli is a doll little ones will love. She is fully interactive – when ‘mummy’ or ‘daddy’ wear the special necklace, Elli recognises them and will actually smile. She can babble in baby talk and can also say ‘Mama’ when mummy is nearby. You can even rock her to sleep – but, just like a real baby, make too much noise near her and she will wake. She will also wake if you lift her up.
She comes with a few accessories too – such as a nappy, a potty, dummy and bottle. She can actually drink real water (which inevitably comes out the other end in either her nappy or the potty).
She’s a 3+ doll and can imagine children will enjoy looking after and playing with her – she is soft and a good size for a baby doll. Everybody say “awwwww” – £40 at Argos
Elli Smiles doll by Zapf Creations, Tree by Ceriann

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