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A look at the toys of BAFTA nominated kids films

BAFTA have revealed that Frozen, Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University are its nominations for the 2014 Animated Films award. Each one of the films had pretty decent reviews across the board last year and, whilst the average user rating of Frozen was a tad higher than the other two, we’re of the opinion that these odds given by Ladbrokes for the winner are worth consideration of a quid or two?

Alex Donohue from Ladbrokes said: “It would be one of the biggest BAFTA betting upsets of all time if Frozen didn’t win.” And gave us Frozen 1/14, Despicable Me 2 6/1 and Monsters University 12/1 –On the licenced toy scene the odds would be dramatically different, the range surrounding Frozen was largely static figurine based, Monsters University kicked in with some superb interactive toys whilst Despicable Me 2 fans had harsh decisions to make to avoiding blowing any budget.

Our top picks from each film are (in no particular order)…

Erik Kuang 

Disney Frozen Olaf

Elsa brings the lovable snowman Olaf to life with her magical powers, this figure, just as in the film falls apart with a head that pops off and his removable arms. You can re-arrange the parts and build your own version, a bit Potato Head if you like. You can also change his facial expressions at the press of a button. £14.99 HERE


Inflatable RC Minion

With a talking Tim, Dave and Stuart in the line-up alongside a working fart machine it was a tough choice but, as we own one and have it scooting about Toyology Towers daily we could only justifiably crown the inflatable remote control minion Minion. It moves deftly in all directions and spins 360 degrees at decent speeds and, when not in use, its two-foot plus stature makes it decent eye-candy around the office. £40 HERE


Monsters University Scare off Sulley

The priciest yes but it does pack in over 40 phrases and sounds together with five modes of play that include scare training (which makes you look slightly unhinged whilst playing), scare exams and it can act as a room guard. Scare off Sulley reacts to your roars and, if you yell loud enough, will fall over with fear (annoying yes, entertaining though). He also has  moving facial features as well as the arms and body, another one that looks good just on display when not at play. £45 HERE

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