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Now I try and avoid hoarding playthings in my house, the kids have stuff all over the place and if I were to add to this treasure collection my popularity rating would plummet with her-who-should-be-listened-to and, ultimately, my stuff cast in a box anyway. My garage however is a hoarders delight, open the door and I stand arms aloft as my collection collapse all over me. Anyway, back to the abode, there are a number of concessions I have negotiated so that each room has one item that lays claim to the fact a toy fanatic lives here, they’re subtle and aesthetically appealing. A LEGO Ecto-1 in the lounge, a BRIO wooden race car in the kitchen, Playmobil Pirate Ship in the bathroom and so it continues. The folk at Schleich are about to be offered some shelf space at my place, these spanking new Heroes and Villains from DC look superb, we usually avoid all things in this category as it is such a load of tat. Their 10.5cm figures are not only detailed brilliantly but cost peanuts, well they’ll not actually exchange one for said foodstuff but, sub eight quid a piece you’ll get our drift. Select yours from Flash, Batman, Superman or Green Lantern and if you’ve space left on that shelf grab one of the scenery packs featuring and archenemy  – Batman Vs The Joker or Superman Vs Darkseid. Time for me to move that snap of my now five year old on her potty.

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