Crowdfunding for Star Wars beast of yesteryear

Toothy Terror

We’re fans of Hasbro and it’s new HasLab, guess plenty pieces wouldn’t make it past their internal number crunchers and ever see the light of day. Previous success have been Jabbas Sail Barge KHETTANNA backed by 10,000 pledges. So then, with these pledges in place, Hasbro are running zero risk and pledgers getting what amounts to a Limited edition.

Next up is an extension of the Black Edition 6-inch figures, this one however is the first to go direct to HasLab. The Rancor, a hulking beast first faced by Luke Skywalker in 1983’s Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi when he was thrown into the dark pit below Jabba the Hutt’s throne room. It isn’t live on the HasLab site as yet so we’ve no idea of pricing or how many will need to be pledged upon for them to make it to market. Check out the HasLab Site here for updates.

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