Crayola crayon naming competition gets the Twitter treatment

When you need something naming it is of course natural to turn to social media, get your fans to do the naming for you, well create an avalanche of suggestions at least. And so thank you Crayola for asking for help in naming your new crayon, although we still can’t work out why you are retiring Dandelion from it the 24-pack. Anyhow, they are and so took to Facebook announcing these plans.  They tell us that the colour will be part of “the blue family,” keeping the exact shade a secret until May, we really had no idea of the subterfuge which existed in the crayon world. So Crayola told the world when the shade is unleashed they’ll be shouting out for names, the hashtag #NewCrayonColors began to trend on Twitter. Despite all these proposals being early most paid little regard to the requirement for a blue shaded name, but we’re thinking there should be a brand new 24 pack, the social media colouring set, take these names into account – This could very well become a thing. CLick on the hashtag to see the wide-ranging ideas, our favourites included Lobster Red, 50 Shades of Grey and ImPeach…Oh yeas, and Cryon McCratonface of course.

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