Crayola brings us 40 skin tones with “Colours of the world” campaign

Since 1885 Crayola have been involved in the colour business, until 1900 it was al about industrial pigments and such and now, fast-forward to today, they’ve announced this impressive new line. The “Colours of the World” range features hues to represent over 40 global skin tones that “authentically reflect the full spectrum of human complexions” they told us today. Hitting shelves in July they’ll be available in 24- and 32-crayon packs. Crayola CEO Rich Wuerthele said that the arts and crafts product was developed to “advance inclusion within creativity” among kids. Crayola teamed up with the CEO of cosmetics line MOB Beauty, Victor Casale to bring this new line to life. “I have spent my life trying to create truly global shade palettes because I know what it’s like to be with a person who has finally found their exact match,” Casale said. “Growing up, I remember mixing the pink and dark brown crayons to try and make my shade, so I was thrilled when Crayola asked for my help to create the Colours of the World crayons.” A different Crayola set, called Multicultural — which comes in an eight-crayon pack — is currently available on the company’s website.

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