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Clash of the Superhero Titans is upon us

Possibly the biggest film event of 2016 so far Batman versus Superman : Dawn of Justice pits the caped crusader against the man of steel with his pants still on the outside in a film that many thought couldn’t/wouldn’t or shouldn’t happen. Well its about here and whatever the reviewers might say it’ll likely pique your curiosity for a peek. The licensing band wagon is well and truly on the case with the film, there are a decent range of LEGO sets but the rooftop duel we rate at just £12 with a couple of minifigs and the Batlight are the stand out points.


This 19 inch Batman figure would make a decent doorstopper, contender for position of paperweight onanyones desk and £22.49 will bag you one HERE 


Plenty of other toys are around, role play, construction sets, dress-up, figures and more but for us you just have to pick a side and plump for one of these fine pairs of, complete with cape, superhero socks – Available at the Fowndry


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