Circuit Board skepticism (s)quashed


When we saw the adverts for this new Tony Hawks range, from the folk who brought us Hexbugs, we shouted at the tellybox. We knew folks would step out and buy one because a) They like Tony Hawk b) Liked skateboarding c) both – but would it work as the TV ad indicated? Well, we can report, that after a weekend with our R/C skateboard and park we’re mighty impressed, and have apologised to the TV for shouting at it. This, the top set in the range, is the Tony Hawk Circuit Boards Skatepark. Take off with the two-channel RC (so you can buy another board and have two on the park) and, with some practice you can pull some pretty decent moves and then, whack it into turbo mode and take in some impressive air. The park itself is an impressive size and includes loads of elements, roll-on ramp, stairs and rail, three platforms, inner and outer bowls and a quarter pipe. The build is  impressive looking enough to just keep out ion display all the time, at forty quid it isn’t cheap but it certainly has decent longevity and there are boards to collect and you can expand your park with more pieces.  Time to get out the BluTac and take your minifies for the ride of their lives.

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Peter Jenkinson
Toyologist Pete Jenkinson regularly writes about toys in national newspapers like The Sun and The Mail. This super-dad has an unmatched passion and dedication for trying and testing the latest, coolest and most interesting offerings from the world of toys.

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