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CES 2018 – The best toys from the show

CES 2018
CES 2018

The planets biggest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place over in Vegas this week, almost 4,000 exhibitors took to the show floor to showcasing their latest gadgets which will be looking to lighten our wallets over the coming months. There were some impressive toys on offer too, we’ve whittled what we eyed (after totting up an impressive step count) and here are our hot half dozen from the show:


Kano Camera Kit

After an impressive year with their create your own computer and HD screen kits and their pixel coding kit they’re pushing the tagline “Don’t just stare at a screen, make one”, into new areas. Giving kids a deeper understanding of machines they use every day and developing their coding are tasks that Kano have made into fun pursuits. During CES, they’ve launched a Camera Kit.

Kano Camera kit

Just pull out the bits, buttons and boards from the box, and follow the story page-by-page. Fun ,step-by-step challenges help kids learn to code art, games, apps, animations, music and more, all using simple code blocks and typed code. You can sign up now for alerts for when it will go on sale here. If you can’t wait for the camera kit, try out the Motion Sensor kit for £29.99 or the Pixel Kit for £79.00.  Suitable for 6+ years.


Razor Turbo Jets

Known for its scooters and hoverboards, Razor is launching its Turbo Jets for 2018. Hitting speeds of up to 10 mph (14 km/h), these speedy shoes let kids play up to 30 minutes continuously, with quick-charging to shorten waiting times between sessions. The motor is located in one of the heels and, ridden in a similar fashion to Heelys (one foot ahead of the other) you’ll depress your heel on the powered foot and it’ll propel that leading foot and the rest of your body forward.

Razor Turbo Jetts
Razor Turbo Jetts

No assembly required, the jets can fit shoes European youth 42 through to adult 45. Currently priced at $129.99 we’ll be keeping an eye on when they hit UK retail. Suitable for 9+ years.

Rocketbook Colour

It’s not every day you will find a colouring book as one of the best toys from an electronics show. However, this diamond in the rough could not keep your children entertained everywhere and anywhere, but could also save you money in the long-term.

The Colour book
The Colour book

The Colour notebook brings the time-honoured drawing experience to mobile Generation Z. Create colourful drawings with crayons, markers and coloured pencils, then instantly send or save them using a mobile device and the Rocketbook App. Parents need never worry about running out of fridge space ever again! The Colour works with the entire Crayola line of dry-erase products. Many other brands work, too. but Rocketbook have recommended the Crayola line, and we would too. When you’ve amassed a mini gallery of images of these amazing artistic creations, each and every one worthy of a space on your walls, head over to Chatbooks perhaps and create an album Available at Amazon for £19.99.


The world’s first smart ukulele brings technology and music together to make a really unique, fun and quick learning experience for beginners yet still appealing for more advanced players. Using a real concert ukulele with embedded LED lights, Popuband have added smart device compatibility to help children and adults learn new tunes from an extensive song library.

Play with the aid of an app and 72 LED’s

The Populele has a 72-LED fretboard which connects via Bluetooth to the dedicated app and teaches you how to recreate your top tunes. For a limited time, Populele is priced at $199.00 and includes accessories including a carry bag and plectrum. And, there is a parent pleasing feature added to the Populele – It can be used with headphones.

Cerevo – The Voice Activated 1/1 Elucidator Sword

One booth that was grabbing plenty of attention during CES was the Cerevo’s impressive collection of toys. We have chosen its reproduction of the one-handed sword “Elucidator” from the popular anime series Sword Art Online.

The Elucidator
An LED infused swish stick with sounds

The entire blade is covered with over 2,000 full-colour LEDs to produce a dazzling radiance that does not lose any of its visual impact, even in full daylight. The sword can learn moves with its built-in 6-axis sensor, with kids of all ages set to enjoy a variety of sounds and lighting styles depending on how the sword is held and swung. Further features include voice activation, ethereal smoke generator and a smartphone app. Coming in mid-2018 with pricing still yet to be confirmed. You can find more information HERE.

Comeback canine – Aibo is back at around £1300

The original robotic dog was released back in 1999, fondly remembered by those of a certain age it was a very pricy purchase back then but such an iconic piece of technology to own. In 2006 Sony called it a day and pulled the plug on the pooch but Aibo is back, available next week in Japan for about £1300 there aren’t immediate plans to get it to retail over here.


With touch sensors on its head, chin and back for petting purposes Aibo also responds to voice and 22 actuators enable pretty realistic dog like movement.  A camera on the nose to recognise family members and search for its Aibone and rear camera to navigate back to its Roomba-like charging station – You just try and resist those OLED eyes.

Next stop, London Toy Fair. The lesser number of oxygen infused casinos should afford us more sleep during this Olympia based event, good bye Las Vegas, you were, as ever, exhausting.

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