Celebrating St Davids day with Dragon training fodder

Celebrating the first day of Spring yes but more importantly the legend that is St David. Load up with facts HERE but take this one for your Welsh themed pub quizzing later – The nickname ‘Taffy’ for a Welshman comes from St David. It comes from Dafydd, Welsh for David.


Playmobil Set

This 16 piece set from Playmobil has Light Fury showing off her skills with Baby Dragon and kids too. Both dragons have movable wings for and Light Fury can shoot projectiles and you’ll find plastic fish to feed after a tough role-play session. £34.99-ish

Build a bear Toothless

Grab a Toothless furry friend, black fur and green eyes, this is your new snuggly BFF.  Add more high-flying fun with a Toothless 6-in-1 Sound Chip – about £22


Fire breather 

Behold this fire-breathing, plasma, touting action dragon from Spinmaster. Over 20 inches long with 22-inch pull-open wings the Giant Fire Breathing Toothless is loaded with battling goodness. Fill the pack on his back with water and push the button behind his ear to activate lights and smoke-like puffs of dragon’s breath. Oh yes – about £28

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