Cardboard box comes of age with the Nintendo Labo kit

Nintendo Labo

Extending the success of the Switch is never going to be easy, the fastest selling console of all time has shipped over 10mn units in just nine months. What innovation could maintain and even extend its popularity into new demographics? Infuse it with AI? add high tech accessories? Nope, create a very clever DIY cardboard box set-up and join the maker movement. Stay quirky Nintendo, this idea is bonkers enough to actually work we think. From late April you’ll be able to grab a pack of these so called “Toy Con’s” and turn your cardboard models from 25 sheets of thick brown cardboard into all manner of creations that’ll use the Switch controllers and AR to bring them to life.

Nintendo Labo robotic kit
Nintendo Labo robotic kit

The Variety Pack has a bug-like R/C car, One of the first models to complete is a ‘bug-like radio controlled car, telescopic fishing rod with a working reel, a cardboard model of a piano with working keys, an abstract motorbike with handles and pedal and a little house. The Robots pack, well that’ll create a robotic wearable so you can replicate your moves on-screen. Nintendo thank you for brining us this gaming joy.

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