Car showrooms in lockdown no longer

YASS – Car showrooms are open once more, how many weeks have I hankered after a new motor during this crisis, well, none. In the spirit though of getting the economy back on its feet I’m guessing, and I have not ploughed through eery vocation, that this might be one of the easiest where punter and salesperson can easily(ish) conduct “Physical Distancing”. We hear that almost 100% of test-drive cars have been returned today* as these are only allowed to take place by the potential purchaser and not have the salesroom rep in the passenger seat (oh yes, such fun, booking me in some test-drives asap, now I get it, the Government wants us to have some fun). You’ll also need to wear protective gloves so as not to contaminate the keys and leave your partner as a deposit*. During these past weeks we’re told sales of ride-ons for the kids has taken a serious upswing, have a look at some of the 12 and 24V beauties on the Outdoor Toy website and you’ll see why. *Could/should be true.

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