Bust Boxing Day Boredom with Boardgames



Even if you are armed with a plethora of digital channels and a load of leftover turkey it isn’t enough to avoid that post present-opening angst. As elderly aunts vie with touchscreen hungry teens the family can end up evacuating the front room to avoid occupying the same square metres. We think a small investment into a boredom buster, a board game of some kind, to gather the generations around for a few hours at-least should see the truce continue into another day.

Creature Comforts – Bugs in the Kitchen – £19.20 from amazon.co.uk (above) – This fast paced maze game has a hexbug Nano inside scuttling about and you’re aim is to catch it. By turning the knives, forks and spoons you get to direct the bug into your lair, chuck the dice to decide what turn you can take and try and lure the bug your way – trap it five times and you’re a winner.

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