Bounce – A brilliant brain bending game

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Every now and then games pop along that we get a tad carried away with and forget to share the news with “the rest of the class” – The new Bounce ranges of cards fall firmly into this category and tick all the boxes for fun amongst kids or as a collaborative play with adults in attendance. A simple enough premise, each player picks up a card, remembers the details within a pre-defined time and then all cards get passed clockwise. On the back of said card are eight questions to be asked, gameplay is bounced around the group until each person has answered a question on their card. Answer correctly and you stay in, utter an incorrect answer and that card goes into the pile for the winner to collect. Sounds simple but remembering the colour of a Mr Men hat when you were studying the colour of the trees or counting the Meerkats that are standing rather than paying attention to which way the birds are flying is devious indeed. Bounce Bonus is a Spot the Difference game with six differences in each pair of cards in the packs. Choose from the slightly older 6 we say Bounce Animals or Dinosaurs (decent factoids to be picked up on these cards too) or Mr Men and Little Miss packs for younger players. Most certainly pack a pack from your travels this half term, unless you love playing iSpy on the motorway…Sky, Cloud, Road, Traffic etc – You have been warned. From just £5.99 HERE


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