Beano fans rejoice and fill your list with these new comic book treats

Merry Xmas from Beano

Celebrating its 80th year this year and rounding-off 12 months that’s seen the comic increase in popularity they’ve added some more utterly fabulous fodder to their store.

For some Beano based gaming fun they’ve Beano Cluedo (£29.99) the play is to uncover who pranked teacher, Beano Monopoly (£34.99) to own the halls of Bash Street School and Beano Guess Who (£19.99) with all your favourite characters to flip.

Beano personalised album

We’re super excited about the getting a personalised Beano album (£19.99) where you can get your name on the front and from any year (£19.99) but, our absolute must-have purchase amongst the jumpers, t-shirts, spud-guns and whoopee cushions has to be the Dennis and Gnasher Fan Club Pack.

Dennis and Gnasher Fan Club

The pack has us all nostalgic for the membership we remember having back in the 80’s, inside is the fluffy Gnasher badge, official membership card, a welcome letter and all in a fan club wallet. Santa, you’re reading this right?

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