Batman versus Joker Scalextric set – Play smart

Holy Smokes

Since their first meeting in 1940 the caped crusader and clown of crime have been sworn enemies, well of course they have, you ever seen Batman smile? This all new Scalextric Batman vs Joker set falls into the Spark Plug range and so has many tricks up its digital sleeve. The dongles (what an incredibly old-fashioned word for a modern-day thing) inside, two of them, allow you to race the cars via your Android or iOS devices. Plug each into the Scalextric set powerbase as a pose to the regular hand-held controller, download the app, and you’re almost up and racing – with no wires.

The app enables you to play solo or in versus modes and to bespoke your on-screen skins and pick your favourite hero or villain. During the race you can boost your own and restrict your opponents speed plus there are rumble and sound effects to add atmosphere. Track length is an ok 532cm plus there’s a jump down the longest straight. Add one of these mini Bat Signal projectors for a modest fee.

£134.99 for the Batman/Joker set from Wonderland

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