BAFTA nominee may shake her tail tonight

From the Lazy Lion, to Secret Squirrel to the Destructive Dino and let’s not forget the Shinosaur, every tail has a tale to tell, and is waiting to be worn and ‘waggled’ by children across the land. The exciting dress-ups from TellTails are an awesome antidote to get kids away from too much screen time and  ‘screen time’, encourage interaction and set imaginations on fire. As the founder of TellTails Hannah Gourlay points “Imaginative play is a crucial part of intellectual and social development. With TellTails children learn through role-play by bringing new characters to life, and feed their imaginations with storytelling”. And backed up by Jessica King, buyer from Selfridges who adds “TellTails products have the ability to bring a child’s imagination to life and transform them into their animal of choice. The product is fun, accessible and reasonably priced, and fills a gap in the market for children’s fancy dress – as it isn’t an entire outfit, it gives the child the freedom to explore characters as they play.”  TellTails can be worn with any outfit by attaching with a one size fits all, discreet elastic waistband, perfect for those not wanting to commit to full fancy dress. Made from a range of quality materials, TellTails are stuffed so you can bend them, curl them, squash them, and easily fit them into a suitcase or backpack. And they look utterly brilliant too. Kate Winslet is a wearer, the BAFTA nominee and Helena Bonham Carter isn;t shy strutting her stuff in one either,  they’re not just for kids – Adult tails are available for mums and dads keen to get their ‘waggle on’ and join the stars.

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