Avast everything mi’hearties t’is talk like a pirate day

LEGO Ideas – Pirates of Barracuda Bay

Started some time ago for no apparent reason at all, apart from a few folk looking for a justifiable reason to over imbibe on rum perhaps it is #talklikeapirateday (some tips on the lingo can be found HERE).  It is true that 3.14 of us are related to PiRates, they’re favourite toy is a Baaarbie and all the items listed in celebration of this day are available at Aaaargos :

Playmobil Take Away Pirate Playset
Playmobil Pirate Ship and detail
Aye, it be another Playmobil Pirate vessel with detail


Imaginext Shark Bite Pirate Ship
Deluxe Pirate Ship from Smyths

A Toob of Pirates

Pirates Cove Playset by Kidkrafts


Pile up Pirates from Tomy
Black Fleet Board Game

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