matt stubbs

Actor, director, presenter, maze master, teller of tales and proud father of Billy Beau. At the grand old age of 1 Billy has acquired a very "particular set of skills" to separate the wheat from the chaff when it come to tots toys and tech. This tiny human knows what he wants and he knows what he likes and with the help from me, The Toyfather, they will share their knowledge and expertise with you from the front line the playpen.

Playmobil farm set for the early years gets three cheers

Playmobil 123

My grandparents and my boy Billy’s great grandparents are farmers. They have a dog, a cat, some geese and hens, one or two cows and other bits and bobs you’d expect to find on a classic farm, old feeding troughs, manual rusty farming implements and lots and lots of “muck”. …

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Netflix bringing us toy nostalgia – We can hardly wait

Toys that made us

On 22nd December it’s the first episode of ‘Toys That Made Us’ on Netflix. This eight-episode documentary is all about the history of important toy lines and I’m really looking forward to it. It got me thinking about the toys that potentially ‘made ME’, my top Ten favourite toys when …

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Doll with attitude

Potty Mouth doll

Why do stores and online retailers slash prices? New year sales, end of season sales, closing down sales (there is a clothes shop near us that has been “closing down” for three years) the dreaded Black Friday weekend/week sale – and many others. These sales are the retailer plots to …

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Tech for tots – Two reviews for toys to get your ankle biters into

Vtech tots tech

Since Billy crash landed in to the world I’ve been made more and more aware of VTec. They are a toy company who specialise in electronic interactive learning toys for babies, toddlers and slightly older kids. Billys first VTech gift we were blessed with was from Grandma last Christmas. It’s …

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Teddy bears picnic from the terraces

teddy bear picnic

I’ve never really liked football, in fact I can’t stand it. It might simply be that I was very very bad at it when made to do it at School and the nightmares have never quite stopped. This, on the other hand has warmed me to the so called “beautiful …

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Now Tyler the Tiger is under a ton – Roarsome!

Tyler from Hasbro

My boy Billy and I have been hanging out with Tyler – Full title -“Roarin’ Tyler The Playful Tiger” the priciest part of the Hasbro FurReal range yet, well at full RRP he was, now they’ve trimmed quite a bit off the price tag. Let us not beat about the …

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