Rob Taylor-Hastings

Rob Taylor-Hastings
This actor & presenter is a proud Midlands lad who fled to London over a decade ago. Having grown up on a healthy diet of Power Rangers, Transformers and Thundercats, Rob is a sucker for anything that goes 'pow!' And 'Zap!' A film producer and radio savvy man this Toyminator really knows his R/C's from his elbow.

Revolutionise your brick based play with Mayka Tape

Mayka Tape

If you, like me, have opted to shun traditional sprucing approaches in your abode such as vases and paintings in favour of knick-knacks and “Collector’s Items”, then you’ve also probably got a storage issue. With shelves buckling under the weight of Die-Cast-this and Never-Un-Boxed-that, the room of a Toy Aficionado …

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Build a fire type Pokemon to get you through the winter months

vulpix pokemon

The Build-A-Bear Workshop decided a while ago that ‘Gotta Catch ‘Em All’ was an outdated concept and instead opted for ‘Gotta Build ‘Em All’ with the launch of their Pokémon range. This week saw them continue their quest to be the very best with Vulpix joining the team. This luvable …

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Set yourself up for Flu season

neds head

With Teresa May officially bringing tickly throats back on trend last week, we thought it’d be useful to line up the six board games that’ll prep you for the upcoming Flu Season! Gooey Louie We’ve all been there, the sniffles start, you’ve got no tissues, you think you can get …

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Double trouble – Hatchimals twin set arrives

this years xmas hit?

Hatching one mystery friend is so 2016, get with the times granddad, Its 2017, now we’re hatching two at the same time! That’s right, if you thought your days of frantically searching for a Hatchimal were over, think again. They’re back this year with ‘Hatchimals Surprise’. What’s the surprise? Well, …

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Luvabella advances doll technology more than a baby step


With the toy industry more and more resembling a robotics convention it was about time the doll sector stepped up to the plate. Gone are the days of one trick pony dolls like ‘Baby All Gone’ and ‘Baby Wee Wee’ (did we really need the latter?) as Spinmaster’s Luvabella has …

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R2-D2 It isn’t you…..It isn’t you!


On the back of unveiling BB8’s darker cousin BB-9E, Sphero have brought forth yet another sinister reimagining of a classic robo-friend. Behold R2-Q5! “Who?” I hear many of you cry. Well, if Wookiepedia (Star Wars’ own online encyclopaedia) is to be believed, R2-Q5 has been a very busy boy. Not …

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X-rated for a reason – This laser battle kit is the dogs undercarriage

LAser X

Fancy some futuristic warfare in your front room? Then strap-on these and get involved in some Laser X action. This evolution of the laser-tag industry is sleek and refreshingly affordable, just £49.99 for this two-pack and everything you’ll need to start battling your nearest and dearest. There’s Infrared beams, flashing …

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BB-9E joins the Astromech line-up in the next Star Wars outing

BB8 and BB9-E

Move over BB8 there’s a new kid in town! 2015 saw many of us amazed at the new astromech droid. How is it cuter than R2-D2? How on earth does its head stay on? Two years later, BB8 is commonplace amongst Star Wars merch and just when he was resting …

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Air Wars Battle Drones – Flying, fighting fun, fun fun.

Battle Drones

Sharpen the spears and fuel the engines! Sky high combat is here and you’re going to want a piece of the action! The Air Wars Battle Drone two pack comes with a ‘one touch, take-off and landing’ stabilised Quad design for both drones, which is exciting enough, but taking a …

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Drone racing now available to the masses

Airhogs Drone

Anyone following the last decade’s rise of flying toys has probably crashed and smashed their share of them. But fear not.  This year Air Hogs have teamed up with the DR1 Drone Racing League (a sport attracting major TV partnership and sponsorships) to bring us this DR1 FPV Race Drone, …

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