Magician. Hypnotist. LEGO fan... You're not likely to meet many people more happily geeky than writer Deej Johnson! Every now and then, though, he inflicts his interests on others, so here we let him write about LEGO... Better that than watch a card trick.

Screwball Scramble – a most brilliant bit of kit

Nostalgia. It’s not what it used to be… Now, you may not be old enough to remember the first time someone made that joke – but are you old enough to remember when Screwball Scramble came out? First appearing in 1979, Screwball Scramble boasts a simple idea… This toy-shop perennial …

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Blow, Race, Win – Puff Ball toys may take your breath away

Puff. Could relate to drugs, pastry, breath or a tragic magic dragon… So when I recently got a voicemail from Toyologist Pete Jenkinson asking if I’d tried “The puff thing” he’d sent me, I had reason to pause. Turns out that Pete was referring to a Drumond Park product with …

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Hate Trivia Games? I’m Confident You’ll Like Confident?!

“Three, four, five… Blue. Oh, no!” All too clearly I recall the misery I felt counting my way round a Trivial Pursuit board in youth. Too old to play Snakes & Ladders, too young to organise a riot, I’d long suffer the misery of trying to win a Geography Wedge… …

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Bank Attack – Work together to release the wonga

“Skilful Rascals.” That’s how journalist Noni Mokati describes a gang of thieves behind a 1977 bank robbery in South Africa. Renting an empty shop near the Krugersdorp branch of Standard Bank, the ne’er-do-wells – led by a figure known only as Mr. Nightingale – took three months to tunnel 21m …

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Make Play While the Sun Shines

I can’t abide sunshine. Truly. I know this puts me in a tiny minority, but every time the mercury rises above 15-degrees Celsius or so, I retreat into the shadows like a theatrical villain. Nothing, but nothing, will coax me out to play on a sunny day… Until now. Why? …

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The Big Green Pig and the Hunt for Minifigs

New policeman

“He’s a big green pig…” That was the first description I ever gave the staff at Scallywags toyshop while trying to track down a little-known Return of the Jedi figure, the Gamorrean Guard. The Gamorrean Guard! That’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time; a looonng time… Hunting …

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Heads, shoulders (no knees or toes) – The LEGO Minifigure turns 40

It is the big FOUR-O for LEGO’s iconic minifigure, and so, to celebrate a milestone birthday of this global icon we look back with our fully 360 degree rotating heads at its older relatives… No matter how much I want the evolution of the minifigure to follow the popular depiction, the …

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Charades with words anyone?

Word Slam 2

What if you and your friends had a vocabulary of just 105 basic words? That’s the starting point for this deceptively simple-looking game… The words are printed on identical sets of cards, so two teams can search for useful language at the same time. The aim is to race through …

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LEGO City into the Jungle

lego ej3

Picking up where last year’s volcano series leaves off, LEGO City’s newest range invites you to explore the jungle, dodge deadly critters and discover lost treasure… Six sets depict everything from temple ruins to a plane wreck, with a variety of new minifigs, animals and vehicles. The ‘Halftrack Mission’  (LEGO …

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