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Andy Robertson is a freelance family technology expert for broadcast and national newspapers. He runs the Family Gamer TV YouTube channel and contributes to a range of online media on the topic of technology and the family.

New York Toy Fair – Packed with tech for 2016


  There’s always so much to see at New York Toy Fair, I’ve picked through the hits and misses and arrived at this list of toys I’d like to spend more time with in 2016: PPL1 – Paper Plane Launcher  Paper planes are perhaps the simplest, cheapest and most effect …

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LEGO under the influence?


Are all 2016 LEGO sets influenced by video-game’s, well, are they? Let us inspect the evidence we’ve gathered at this year’s Nuremberg Toy Fair. There was a time when the go-to game in the home was Lego, a time almost all children went through the rite of passage with the small plastic bricks. …

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LEGO Dimensions’ Hidden Value

The toys-to-life market needs a better name, but that hasn’t stopped it becoming a billion dollar business. This year LEGO joins the fray with their toy video-game hybrid product, LEGO Dimensions.  The biggest difference to strike the consumer about LEGO’s approach to the genre will likely be its higher price. …

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Playmation Demoed In Disney Stores

With Playmation going into pre-order in the US ahead of its October 2015 release, Disney has been showing off its new children’s wearable tech adventure in Disney stores across the States. Playmation is hard to place in terms of genre. It nods a wink at the toys to life genre …

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