Argos illustrates some of the strange searches customers make

The Argos website sells tens of thousands of products, but for some Brits, it seems that’s just not enough. They released a list of the top unusual searches and we’ve picked our toy related(ish) two. An Argos spokesperson said: “From Tim Berners-Lee to James Dyson, Britain is renowned for its inventors and their crazy ideas that go on to become essential parts of our everyday lives. “Search data from shows that people across the country wish their toasters could launch their toast sideways, or that their pets could roller-skate, proving there is a gap in the market for offbeat products with unusual forms and functions.”

Dog Roller-skates

We’ve seen dogs skateboard, but five Argos customers wanted to purchase roller-skates especially made for paws. Perhaps their owners were a step ahead of their pooch when it came to walkies and wanted to give them a helping hand. I’d like to see the addition of an RC unit.


Stairs Slide

If the kids are sliding down the stairs in all manner of makeshift appliances, it might make sense to remove the danger altogether and turn them into a giant slide. At least that was what ten people searching on the Argos website thought over the past year – I have my pre-order in.


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