Arckit – fiddly at first but then your digits get all deft at it


Always an active sector the construction toy category may well be dominated by a certain Danish brick with a plethora of “me too” toys plus all those trying to tap into the LEGO stud landscape with all manner of accessories. Could an upstart, sorry start-up, be bold enough to challenge the apparent dominance? It’d likely need the deepest marketing pockets known to mankind so no, the approach is to target a particular sub-category and create some outstanding creative kits, there is a good chance that Arckit might have found an achilles heel in the Architecture offering of the aforementioned brand.

They may not have the rights to reproduce some of the worlds most iconic locations but if you want to tap into building your own abode the only LEGO offering is the pricey freestyle Architecture set – this alternative constructing kit for budding builders is really rather good.

So at first you’ll encounter some sweary moments as you perceive you’re trying to put round pegs in square holes, it isn’t the case, it just takes a modicum of maneuvering, more precise than you’ve been used to, for the studs to embrace their positions. Throughout the build new pieces of differing shapes will throw you back to those early moments but, bear with it, when in place the satisfaction scores high.

Each set comes with instructions, as well as themed sheets to add grass, concrete and brick effects to add authenticity to the final build. You’re free to go off grid and create your own grand design of course but stick with the plan for your first efforts.

The firm are embracing 3D printing too, create your own columns, stairways and much more with their guidance – the opportunity to build just about any model sized habitat is yours, restricted only by your bank balance.

Euromonitor predicts the construction toy sector had dip last year as board games had a stellar time but 2017 should see the category bounce back, in no small part to innovations in the category such as Arckit.

There are no quick-builds with Arckit, it is amore considered build and looks to have created a sub-category all of its very own.

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