April Fool – Is it the entire day?

Is it just tired parents that created the noontime cut-off for hoaxes, pranking and general nonsenseness on this globally recognised day? We’re big fans of the Italian/French, Belgian and many other French speaking country tradition of pinning a fish on a persons back without them noticing on this day, poisson d’avril, isn’t the obligatory act but, takes far less planning for you to get in on the April Foolery. Anyways, we’ve had over the years a few notable pranks, Spaghetti Trees, Washing of the Lions, Patrick Moore and his claims surrounding the Jovian-Plutionian effect and the one about Big Ben going digital were all pretty good and had a few media outlets fooled. As corporates hijack the day and make it almost impossible for any outlet to print an April Fool (apart from ridicule it) we’re heartened to see one today that embraces the entire April Foolery affair wwith more creativity than you can shake that proverbial stick at. Thanks you Hornby for restoring our faith in this day of foolery with your offerings, each of which we of course expect to become a reality at some point soon(ish). Breakdown of the creativity is right HERE

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